Bonay Yisrael offers a broad range of valuable free professional services for important non-profit Israeli organizations. One of our strongest core competencies is preliminary architectural design services. This service is performed in association with our Israeli Architect, Yuri Puchinsky, and assures our client that we will provide a design that meets his functional needs, his ministry objectives and be compliant with all Israeli building codes, regulations and community design requirements. Bonay Yisrael will provide “Preliminary Design” services including 3D realistic renderings and/or video presentations. Following preliminary design phase, Yuri Puchinsky Architects assumes the balance of design which include construction documents design, construction phase services, permitting, and construction administration services.

Bonay Yisrael professional services are rendered free of charge to selected registered non-profit ministries and humanitarian agencies in Israel. Services are provided by a team who share the values and vision of the client. We are people who serve not for profit but for the good of Israeli ministries, and to be a blessing to Israel according to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. These free preliminary design services are designed to provide the highest quality professional service to the client having a value of approximately 12.5% of the typical architectural fee. The balance of the fee (87.5%) will be due our Israeli architectural firm for completion of detail design, permitting, and construction administration.

Example: The architectural fee for a two phase Community Center project usually requires a fee of (5% to 9% of construction cost). Assuming the fee to be 7%, a $2 million construction cost x 0.07 = $140,000 fee. The preliminary design part of fee is 25%, 0.25 x $140,000 = $35,000. Arrangements with our Israeli partner, Yuri Puchinsky, are that he will be paid half the preliminary fee($17,500)for support of Bonay Yisrael design services and our client will receive credit for the other half of the fee of $17,500. Another way to look at it: because Bonay Yisrael is able to do the preliminary design for free and give the ministry client the value of our service, the ministry will save $17,500 in fees that can be used for building furnishings, or meals for the needy, or summer camp for children, etc. As shown, the financial benefits would increase with the size of the project. If Phase 2 for this Community Center costs another $10 Million that means Bonay Yisrael would provide for the ministry an additional $87,500 that could be utilized for the ministries “core objectives”.

Contributions are tax deductible under 501.c3 of the IRS Code.

These contributions to Bonay Yisrael provides opportunities to bless Israel and advance the humanitarian ministry goals of non-profit services in Israel.