Bonay Yisrael is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 corporation in the State of Tennessee, USA and was created as a vehicle for support of development in the Nation of Israel and for the betterment of the Jewish people in Zion.  Support for this work comes from individuals, Christian Churches, Messianic Jewish Congregations, and Grants from Non-Profit Foundations.  Bonay Yisrael offers the services of no-cost professional architects, artists, builders and volunteers that contribute freely of their skills, wealth and time.
Professional Services include architectural services such as design programming, master planning, preliminary building design, construction observation services, artistic design, graphic art, building fund raising services including architectural renderings, 3D visualization animation video presentations, volunteer construction services, service team organizing, community humanitarian and disaster relief services. All services are provided without cost and services are provided in association with a registered Israeli architect. Bonay Yisrael, Inc. shall not use its facilities for political purposes or for profit.

These projects are a service to wounded Israeli Defense Force soldiers.  Objectives are for honor and support of wounded IDF soldiers who received major disability while serving in the defense of Israel. Services include design, funding, labor and construction for simple projects such as apartment paint & fix-up, handicapped ramps, bath room & kitchen accessibility renovations and possibly in the future new housing.